Make your outdoor space look great without blowing the budget – from Christchurch to Dunedin, Paragon Fencing Systems supplies high-quality PVC fencing

Timber fencing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s expensive, for starters. Then you need to stain or paint to protect against rot, insects and harsh weather. Do you really have time for all this maintenance?

If not, you’ll be pleased to know our plastic fencing and gates are the absolute opposite to timber. PVC as a fencing material makes for an affordable fencing option…

PVC fencing will save you time and money

Cheap – initial outlay is lower, with no long-term maintenance costs
Strong – withstands high winds, heavy rain and extreme heat
Sturdy – handles 5 times more stress (think earthquakes)
Durable – won’t blister, rot, peel, twist, bend, crack or be eaten by pests
Smart – pre-finished with an attractive sheen that won’t fade in the sun
Clean – wash it down with a hose and it’ll look good for years
Green – completely safe, non-toxic and recyclable

Whether it’s for your own home, or a residential fence you’re working on, you have a choice of sizes and styles, from traditional picket fences to ones with a little more privacy.

Our friendly team of fencing contractors handles everything, from the initial designs to installation anywhere in the Canterbury region and expanding to Dunedin, Queenstown, up to Nelson and throughout the South Island. Find out more about us, or get in touch for a fast and free quote.