What are the benefits of PVC fencing?

PVC fencing is continuing to become a recognised superior alternative to timber fencing, mainly due to the fact it retains its clean, fresh look for so many years.

It seems such a simple option with so many benefits. Too often we see elegantly constructed timber fences only a few years old, warped, twisted and in need of a good paint.

PVC does not twist or warp like natural products. Our posts are fixed into the ground 600mm deep and set in concrete, any gate supporting posts have a steel sleeve insert and are filled with concrete. So strong and robust. The rest is simple, deep rebates, no fixings and a crisp, clean fence with easy maintenance going forward. No painting required ever, just a quick hose down every few months. No mildew, no rust, no staining, no twisting, no cracks… The benefits are obvious!!